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Roaring Twenties Street Jam

AUGUST 11-13, 2023

2 Days & 3 Nights of Traveling Back to the Roaring 1920s

Learn the Dance Styles of the 1920s - Early Swing, Tap, Charleston, Argentine Tango

Includes Dance Workshops, Speakeasy Parties, Contests, and MORE!


FULL Weekend Ticket $175

1 DAY Pass (Saturday or Sunday) $85

Party Pass (Fri, Sat, Sun nights) $60

Dance Workshops...

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for 2 Days of amazing classes from world renowned dance instructors (Kim Clever & David Frutos, Mike Foncannon & Ellie Jay, Rusty Frank, minn vo, Forrest Walsh & Lauren Woods 

In Solo Jazz, Tap, Charleston, Argentine Tango and Early Swing.

Speakeasy Parties...

Dance to live music by Dave Stuckey Friday & Saturday, Jordan Bush & the Packrats Sunday & enjoy the entertainment from some of the best cabaret performers in Los Angeles!




The 1920s, also known as "The Jazz Age," was the birth of many celebrated and passion-driven dances.This weekend's event will encourage your own self-expression, as well as develop authentic moves from those times.The Roaring Twenties Street Jam is a unique event focusing on the most influential dances of the 1920s -- the Charleston, Argentine Tango, Solo Jazz, tap and Early Swing.

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